What to visit on the Coast of the Gods

The Costa degli Dei has a wide choice of beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by cliffs. "Lido Grotticelle" consists in a series of coves of fine sand interspersed with cliffs shaped varied that decorate this beautiful piece of paradise. It takes its name from a cave located just below the promontory of Capo Vaticano. This beach, characterized by a high turnout tourism, can be reached by sea or by small steep paths beaches of "Praia the Focu" and spaces to achieve the peace of mind. This beach is reachable with our Shuttle-Bus in 5 minutes. Here you will find at your disposal beaches equipped with sun - umbrellas, deck chairs and other services like pedal boats, canoes, motor boats and many other water sports.

The beaches of “Praia i Focu" are located about 300 meters from our resort, can be reached only by sea from the beach Groticelle. It is a beautiful beach of white sand nestled between the cliffs overhanging the Vaticano Cape, which are interspersed with splendid coves giving life to these picturesque beaches. The cliffs, which surround the beach on three sides to well protect from the wind, from here the name, in the summer the beach becomes hot, while in winter the temperature is so high that it is always possible to take a bath. The sea is beautiful, turquoise, crystal clear waters and beautiful, ideal for wimming lovers but also for diving lovers, with waters rich in plant life and fauna. Opposite at the beach there is also the impressive rock of Mantineo, whose name is linked to an ancient legend between sailors.

A few kilometers away from our residence you can find other popular beaches such as: Santa Maria, Tono, Tonicello, and Formicoli, Riaci Bay, as well the beautiful beaches of Tropea.

We recommend you when the weather is good, to make an excursion with a mini-cruise to the Aeolian Islands. These islands are located between Calabria and Sicily, about 60 km from the Calabrian coasts. When the sky is clear you can see all seven islands from Capo Vaticano very well. The seven islands are: Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina , Stromboli and Vulcano. The most well-known island of all is Stromboli, which was the setting for the film "Stromboli" directed by Roberto Rossellini and with Ingrid Bergman. The island has the typical shape of a crater and an active volcano. About every 40 minutes there is an eruption, and especially at night this offers a spectacular view. So in the summer special boat trips are organized to see this show as close as possible. But also the other islands have their characteristics that distinguish them from one another. Lipari, for example, is the largest island with a splendid ancient village and a bright and turquoise sea. When you reach the island of Vulcano you must get used to the smell. The island has sulfur springs that are very good for the skin. In Vulcano we also find suggestive volcanic beaches characterized by black and very fine sand. Salina is the most fertile island of the Aeolian Islands and is rich in water, where we grow fine grapes from which we obtain the "Malvasia delle Lipari", a wine with a sweet taste, and capers that are exported all over the world. Panarea is the smallest and the least elevated island of the Aeolian archipelago and is commonly known as a VIP island. Alicudi and Filicudi are really tiny islands and are located further west.

Placed in a linear way along the Calabrian coast of Messina, it has a regular and modern appearance and can be considered a "new city": in fact, after a violent earthquake on 28 December 1908, the "old city" had completely destroyed. its time of reconstruction, followed by an equally catastrophic earthquake, that of 1783 ...

The undisputed pearl of Calabrian tourism, its history seems to emerge from the darkness of the millennia. "Capital of holidays", because its sea, its white beaches, equipped with bathing establishments, tourist villages and hotel accommodation, can compete worthily with those of the most famous tourist resorts.

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